Frequently Asked Questions

Is it truly unlimited?

Yes! Neptune Cluster is built on top of open source software and as such, all features are unlimited. This includes number of tags, number of clients and number of edge messengers.

How is it so fast?

Designed from the ground up for time series data, the NOSQL database stores data to the hard drives sequentially by time, which allows data retrieval speeds to be optimized. That, coupled with parallel data requests from multiple storage servers allows millions of data points to be retrieved per second.

How many tags can one triton edge messenger connect too?

The system has been stress tested at over 2500 tags per triton edge messenger with polling rates of 1 second. More triton edge messengers can easily be deployed to increase tag count. Typically, based on physical layout of the system more triton edge messengers are desired and as such, tag limits on one device are not an issue.

How does data replication work?

Data replication takes place at the storage server level. No setup is required after initial deployment. The client specifies the replication factor that is desired. The replication factor determines the number of data servers required. For example with a data replication factor of 3 with 5 storage servers, all data would be copied to 3 servers automatically.

Never miss a data point?

That’s correct! Based on the MQTT protocol and the design of the system, no data point will be missed. MQTT has a quality of service level that ensures this. With the Triton Edge Messengers having over 8 GB of local storage over a month worth of data can be easily stored and forward automatically based on network outages or planned maintenance activities.

How much does it cost?

Because the solutions can include various components, and be scaled up or down to a vast variety of organizational sizes, pricing is determined on a client by client basis.

Generally, there is a yearly service fee for usage of Neptune Cluster which is a fraction of the cost of equivalent other process historians. There is also installation service fee for the setup and initial configuration of the system. This service will also be substantially less than the capital cost of other process historians.

Please contact us for an estimate based on your organization’s individual needs.

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