The Trident Historizer is responsible for the aggregation and long term storage of time series data. With the ability to read and write millions of data points per second, you will be amazed by its performance. With a built in health dashboard to give a birds eye view of the overall system, and live tag values, you’ll understand instantly the current state of Neptune Cluster. It also comes with a direct query tool for ad-hoc trending and data export. Finally with the included REST API, connect your time-series data to other line of business applications with ease. Game changing!


Time-series data storage into NOSQL high performent masterless database cluster with redundancy and replication.

Direct Query Tool

Simple trending package to pull, view and save adhoc query data in the system. Built for speed.

Health Dashboard

Bird’s eye view health dashboard gives a detailed overview of the entire cluster for the administrator of the system.


Ability to connect to other historian databases to pull data into Neptune Cluster system. Sit back and enjoy the speed improvements of accessing this data, while offloading burden from legacy systems.


Connect Neptune Cluster to third party applications.

Tag Values

Dashboard showing live tag values for validation and troubleshooting

Health Dashboard

The health dashboard provides a high level overview of all the Triton Edge Messengers including their Site name, connection state, store and forward buffer size, number of tags being polled per second, number of messages being send per second, CPU utilization and up-time. It also provides a consolidated performance of the Triton Edge Messengers tag subscription rate. It also provides the health of the brokers and clustered storage nodes.

Direct Query Tool 

The direct query tool allows for the system administrator and other users to view and export data collected from the system. It also provides the ability to perform powerful data aggregations and scaling.

Current Tag Values

The current tag value viewer allows for system verification and data integrity auditing in real-time. Regex based filters can be applied to narrow down the results as needed.


The web based REST API allows for data extraction to other line of business applications with all the same capabilities of the direct query tool.