Data INfrastucture

Collect and transfer time-series data from multiple field devices right at the source using IIoT protocols.

Distributed Historian

Store the collected data in multiple locations for redundancy and improved performance.


Create rich web based dashboard from your data to help visualize and present to stakeholders.


Develop scheduled reports from your dashboards to keep track of system performance and deliver in a timely manner.


Simply generate complex alerts from a centralized location to bring attention to abnormal operations.

cloud data

Collect 3rd party data to integrate into the overall system.  Sewer flows, distribution pressure etc.

database duplication

Copy data from existing historians to extend the capabilities of your time-series data.

Digital Logbooks

Get insights from operations instantly and integrated into the overall system with ministry approved digital logbooks.

Digital Rounds

Provide customized operations rounds for any type of plant.

Digital Field Sampling

Enter your field samples digitally with ease.

GIS Integration

Serve real-time data as a GIS layer to your GIS system.

Machine Learning

Assist operations with no-code machine learning predictions.

The unlimited model takes price off the table!


Unleash the power of your system without the usual restrictions that limit tags, users or options. All at a fraction of the typical cost. With Neptune Cluster, only your hardware and imagination will hold you back.


With the unlimited software model, architecture can be customized to maximize performance and increase usage. The system is available from a small single location to a large multi-site organization allowing the perfect fit for any client at any stage of their data needs.


Perform custom calculations and analysis at the best possible location for increased system performance and reliability! View all data on a customizable dashboard and reporting tool. Its speed and response will exceed expectations.

store and Forward

Store and forward capability from each node is built in with months worth of data retention. This means you will never miss a data point for critical compliance applications. All of this with no setup or configuration required. 


Other line of business applications can easily obtain information from Neptune Cluster with industry standard REST API. 


Always have access to your data when you need it. Peace of mind that failures will not result in lost data – only a slight reduction in speed. You decide on the replication capabilities with the UNLIMITED model.

Unleash the POWER of your data with Neptune Cluster

Key Components

Neptune Cluster is made up of powerful software modules that can be deployed based on the unique requirements of the environment. This provides ultimate flexibly to design the best system for your current needs and scale to the future demands of your operations.

Triton Edge Messenger

Designed to stand up to harsh industrial environments, it has the ability to couple closely with the field equipment it is obtaining data from. One month of built in data retention with store and forward capabilities, low bandwidth and robust data protocol allow for any telemetry link.

Titan Broker

A publish/subscribe, straightforward and lightweight messaging server, designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. It minimizes network bandwidth and device resource requirements along with ensuring reliability and assurance of delivery.

Trident Historizer

Performs data consolidation, calculations and long term storage. Also provides a detailed dashboard of overall system health, reliability and utilization and a lightweight trending package for reviewing data.


The analytics platform for all your data.  Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. Create, explore, and share dashboards with your team and foster a data driven culture.

Terminus Geo-Worker

Provides real-time updates from the Neptune Cluster infrastructure to GIS systems, allowing for a whole new visualization perspective.

Current Users

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Graham Nasby, P.Eng, PMP

SCADA Manager – Water Services

“We have been using Neptune Cluster and its associated open-source dashboarding tools for over 2 years now. Specifically we use it to collect and manage two very large datasets associated with monitoring power usage and our water distribution system. Thanks to the technology in Neptune Cluster, we can now track both realtime electricity usage and costs for various water production and pumping stations. 

The Neptune Cluster system, thanks to its distributed nature and edge-driven analytics, is able to calculate our realtime energy costs using the very same calculations that the power company uses to bill us, including using a live hourly energy price feed from the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator.) We also use the system to automatically generate meaningful statistics such as the current cost per cublic meter of water pumped, and total electricity usage on a daily basis.

We also use Neptune Cluster to effectively log and analyze data from our network of District Metered Area (DMA) flowmeters in the distribution system. Using Neptune Cluster we can now visualize millions of data points on a single dashboard in order to see trends over time. The lightweight MQTT architecture of Neptune Cluster has been able to do this type of visualization very quickly and efficiently. 

Our operations areas now have large dashboard displays that use Neptune Cluster to display trends and analytics. The open source model of Neptune has meant we could focus on visualizing our data instead of having to worry about issues like custom programming or per tag licensing. We have found the web based interface of Neptune Cluster has made configuring and maintaining the system quick and easy. We are now able to do things that were previously not possible to do with many traditional SCADA platforms.”

Travis Murray

SCADA Manager – Wastewater Services

“I just wanted to share with you the fruits of your labour. Now that we’ve got the DMA data rocking into Neptune Cluster I’ve setup a couple dashboards which are awesome! I’m able to easily pull the last 30 days of raw flow and pressure data for all 50 of our DMA meters in the matter of seconds – this was impossible before. I also created a “template” dashboard for a detail view of each DMA. This uses variables and a drop down list to allow selection from a list of DMA meters which update the dashboard real time based on the selected meter. I can easily view more then a years worth of data from a single meter, pretty darn cool!

 Thanks for your help thus far getting this all setup”

Case Studies

Learn about how other clients have used Neptune Cluster to create value in their business.

Triplepoint Solutions allows you to create a Unified Data Space that integrates all your IIoT and SCADA data into one easy to use portal. Unleash the potential of all your smart devices with Neptune Cluster!
Install anywhere! Connect to anything! Visualize everything! The TritonEdgeLTE hardware can solve many data applications needs in the water and wastewater industry and its small enough to fit anywhere.
Neptune Cluster let's smaller municipalities use tools that were previously priced out of reach!
Triplepoint Solutions has developed a Machine Learning module for Neptune Cluster. This No-Code tool allows easy, 6 step, access to machine learning in the water industry
Neptune Cluster's modular architecture allows municipalities to provide data access to both internal and external users anywhere without compromising security. And it's blazingly fast!
Neptune Cluster can pull real-time data from 3rd Party IoT Devices for the Water Industry
City of Guelph Water Services deploys Neptune Cluster full scale. Results are truly amazing!