The Titan Broker is a flexible and powerful messaging server that decouples and secures the connections of the multiple Triton Edge Messengers to the Trident Historizer and other line of business applications. This architecture maximizes performance and simplifies deployment and configuration. It also buffers data in the event of a network failure to the Trident Historizer. The capabilities of the Titan are vast, but its implementation and operation are so simple that you’ll forget its even there.


Allows secure connections from Triton Edge Messengers to the Trident Historizer by decoupling these two components. Out bound connections with Triton Edge Messengers provide more security possibilities when used in cloud configurations, with less firewall requirements.

Data Buffering

Provides intermediate data buffering between the Triton Edge Messenger and Trident Historizer, allowing for greater flexibility for software management and deployment.


Light-weight communications protocol with quality of service ensures that no data is lost and is transmitted with the minimum about of bandwidth. Perfect to provide a robust connection in unfavorable telemetry conditions.

Line of Business Applications

Can act as middleware for other line of business applications that can subscribe to the required data as needed.

High Availability

Can be deployed in various redundant configurations to provide high availability.

No Maintenance

Hands off approach is best. You’ll forget its even there.!