The Triton Edge Messenger is the pillar in Neptune Cluster’s data collection needs. The combination of hardware, software and its ingenious design allows it to connect to virtually anything! It can scale from a single device to a network of devices which allows its deployment in the field to be both simple and powerful. Store and forward capabilities are baked-in with no configuration required. Connect to as many data points as desired and view their status with the built-in webserver. Its small foot print, secure design and easy configuration makes deploying or adding new points for collection painless. And with NO LIMITS you’ll want to add everything! Start collecting – it’s that simple.

Protocols Galore!

4-20ma, RS485 Serial, Modbus, MQTT, DNP3, Ethernet IP, CIP, OPCUA, S7, Websockets, etc.

No Tag Limits

Unlimited device connections and tags.


Built in analytics and calculations allow for powerful data aggregation and advanced computations.

Report By Exception

With the publish/subscribe model and report by exception capabilities, data can be polled at a very high frequency while limiting bandwidth in network constrained environments.


Outbound, encrypted and password protected connections ensure robust secure communications to the Titan Broker.


Light-weight communications protocol with quality of service ensures that no data is lost and is transmitted with the minimum about of bandwidth. Perfect to provide a robust connection in unfavourable telemetry conditions.

Easy Configuration

Adding a tag in Triton Edge Messenger automatically propagates through the ENTIRE system instantly.

Built-In Webserver

Easily view the status of all the active polled tags in real-time. to help with data validation and troubleshooting.

Small Footprint

Hardware is very small and can fit almost anywhere. Easy to place into any panel.

Data Buffering

Months worth of local storage with automatic store and forward. No configuration and tuning required. It just works. Never miss a data point.