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Enclosure RatingNema 4, IP68
Size11.4″x7.5″x5.5″ / 290x190x140mm
Temperature Range-20c to 60c
I/ODI(8), DO(8), AI(8) (other configurations available)
Cellular LTE Cat4, LTE-M (4G)
SerialRS485, RS232
Protocols4-20ma, RS485 Serial, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, MQTT, DNP3, Ethernet IP, CIP, OPCUA, S7, Websockets, etc.
Power9-36 Volt DC
CPU4 cores 1.5 GHZ
Memory (RAM)1GB
StorageSD Card (upto 256 GB)


  • Generation of customize reports of daily consumption of total Sewage Flow, alum flow, runtime hours of pump etc.
  • Visualization and monitor Plant status off-site.
  • Performance monitoring of pumping station and from available time-series data to optimize process and save energy/increase pump life cycle.
  • Monitoring float mode backup condition and alerting.
  • Dashboards of flow, level etc. with selection of time and date.
  • Autodialer systems with restrictive call outs can be removed using Neptune Cluster unlimited alerts with multiple contact methods and escalation policies .
  • Simple control of pumps, valves etc.
  • Store and forward of time series data.
  • Unlimited device connections, tags, dashboards, alerts and users.
  • Built in analytics and calculations allow for powerful data aggregation and advanced computations.
  • With the publish/subscribe model and report by exception capabilities, data can be polled at a very high frequency while limiting bandwidth in network constrained environments.
  • Secure outbound, encrypted and password protected connections ensure robust secure communications to the Titan Broker.


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